To support the education of poor/needy children, and public health needs, education and improvement, and IT education in the village schools of Ghana and Togo



Thanks to the funds we have raised so far, we have built a new primary school house in the village of Otwetiri in Ghana. Our next goal is to raise funds to equip the school with a computer lab so we can provide IT education and establish support for more children's literacy programs.

Sports & Youth Development

We buttress these educational goals through incentives such as sports, book reading, story telling, plus "village to city" tournaments and pen-pal relationships between students in Africa and students in the Davis Unified School District and Davis Legacy Soccer League (Davis, California, USA). These activities foster a sense of team work in the rural regions we serve, and provide an international extended family relationship.


The Davis community has been verbally and physically active in supporting The Otwetiri Project. Most interest has been generated through: our main annual fundraising event called “A Taste of Ghana” (TOG); local presentations of our project activities, achievements, and on Ghanaian culture and traditions; some press advertisements; garage sales; and a few other public speaking engagements.